nuklei::PoseEstimator Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 PoseEstimator (const double locH=0, const double oriH=.2, const int nChains=-1, const int n=-1, boost::shared_ptr< CustomIntegrandFactor > cif=boost::shared_ptr< CustomIntegrandFactor >(), const bool partialview=false, const bool progress=true)
void load (const std::string &objectFilename, const std::string &sceneFilename, const std::string &meshfile="", const std::string &viewpointfile="", const bool light=true, const bool computeNormals=true)
void load (const KernelCollection &objectModel, const KernelCollection &sceneModel, const std::string &meshfile="", const Vector3 &viewpoint=Vector3::ZERO, const bool light=true, const bool computeNormals=true)
void usePartialViewEstimation (const Vector3 &viewpoint)
void setMeshToVisibilityTol (const double meshTol)
void setParallelization (const parallelizer::Type t)
parallelizer::Type getParallelization () const
void setCustomIntegrandFactor (boost::shared_ptr< CustomIntegrandFactor > cif)
boost::shared_ptr< CustomIntegrandFactorgetCustomIntegrandFactor () const
const KernelCollectiongetObjectModel () const
const KernelCollectiongetSceneModel () const
kernel::se3 modelToSceneTransformation (const boost::optional< kernel::se3 > &gtTransfo=boost::none) const
double findMatchingScore (const kernel::se3 &pose) const
void writeAlignedModel (const std::string &filename, const kernel::se3 &t) const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 38 of file PoseEstimator.h.

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